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I have really enjoyed the online spiritual book club.  I am so busy and there are many books I want to read but just don’t have the time.  Julie’s summaries are thought-provoking and just enough to give me the basic concepts of the book. 

It has also given me the opportunity to explore some awesome books that I wouldn’t have on my own.  Having an open mind and a strong desire to learn and explore, I have loved the journey this has taken me on! 

Thank you, Julie, for doing what you do.”

Michele Bergh, Be Inspired Design

Our next book…

“The End of Fear; The Path to Freedom with the Formula”    with Dr. Vernon Sylvest

Date:  March 25th – April 15th
Time:  Tuesdays 3:00 – 3:30 pm CST 
Where:  Blogtalkradio & SKYPE
Archives:  Heaven Sent Healing BLOG

*  Members are invited for the private Q&A after the show with our author.
*  Members have special access to Heaven Sent U. filled with meditations, hypnosis downloads, spiritual book summaries and Archangel Metatron Channeled recordings.

All shows are recorded and archives are available for members only to listen/watch in our blog.

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  • 10% off all private sessions (offer valid on regular rates – be sure to mention the discount when you schedule your appointment.)
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“The online spiritual book club has been a blessing. It has allowed me to open my heart and explore and heal pain that I otherwise would never have been able to access.  Due to time restrains and three kids at home, I can still engage and learn new ideas and concepts without ever leaving my home.  

Plus, buying the book is optional so now I don’t have tons of books lying around the house half read screaming for my attention. Julie does a wonderful job outlining the book so that I get the most out of the theme of the book in a short period of time and can apply it to my life immediately. I am so grateful to have had these opportunities to connect and grow. ”

Jean Timme, Mom & Student


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“We learn… 10 percent of what we read, 20 percent of what we hear, 30 percent of what we see, 50 percent of what we see and hear, 70 percent of what we discuss with others80 percent of what we experience, and 95 percent of what we teach to someone.”




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“Because 5 years from now you will be the same person you are today except for the people you’ve met and the BOOKS you’ve read.”

We can’t wait to welcome you into our TRIBE!

“I joined the club because I’m in Julie’s  transformation program and I like to borrow books from her. I am a sponge when it comes to spiritual teaching…..I am always looking to learn more and even repeated information helps confirm what I have learned and refresh things.

However, I am a busy mom and I don’t have much free time to read. The summaries Julie provides are great to help me gain more knowledge by just checking my email. The chapters are easy to follow and they come every week, so it’s not too much to absorb at once.”

Katie Bauer, Nuclear Medicine Technologist

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“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep on being who you’ve always been.  Change doesn’t happen unless you make a change.”


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